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FMCG Packaging Design

8th May 2018

Packaging design for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) as it is known as in North America is vital to the success of any brand. As the name suggests, FMCG products are goods that sell fast, they are low margin but sell in high volumes.

Typical products include packaged goods such as food and drinks, toiletries and cosmetics. They generally have a short shelf life due to the product being perishable such as such as meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy products. By contrast FMCG goods can also sell in high numbers due to being highly sort after such as alcohol, chocolate, cleaning products and pet food.

With most standard supermarkets in Europe, the United States and Australia carrying over 30,00 products, it is understandable that the retail shelf is considered one of the most competitive marketing environments. Case studies in Sydney have shown that most shoppers spend a fraction of a second deciding whether they are going to add a purchase to their basket or not. With products often being purchase based on how good the packaging looks rather than the knowledge of how good the product is.

Research from California suggests that brand loyalty is on the decline with consumers making more impulse purchases than ever before giving opportunity to smaller, more innovative brands. When faced with overwhelming choice, consumer’s impression of trustworthiness has been sighted as the major deciding factor.

Along with looking trustworthy, a successful packaging design will also have an original and striking design that differentiates it from the competition with its unique selling points clearly highlighted. To achieve this packaging designers and brand consultants employ a number of techniques from beautiful typography and artwork to innovative structural designs with tactile material finishes.

In summary, due to the incredible choice available in supermarkets, investing in packaging and branding design is essential. After all having you product added to the trolley not only wins a sale it also wins brand awareness.